Expanding Attributes

If you want to find out where some of the items or incidents in our new API are physically located, as well as some other details, you’ll need to expand some of the attributes.

If you’re using the “Try It” function to get the code you need, then if you want to find out the location of accidents, car parks, traffic signals, venue event signs, or incidents, you need to type Location into the $expand box on the “Try It” page. This will expand the Location attribute and give you the coordinates for the particular thing you are locating.

For Scoot Loops, the location is a little more complex in that the loop has a start location and end location. To get these attributes, type both StartLocation and EndLocation into the $expand box, separating each term with a comma.

The Traffic Signals data also contains details of any faults on traffic signals. To find out about these type TrafficSignalFaults into the $expand box. You can do this as well as expanding the location information, just remember to separate each term with a comma.

Details of each scoot loop is also available, and these can be found by typing ScootDetails into the $expand box. Again, you can do this at the same time as expanding the location information, by separating the terms with a comma.