How to access the API

Before you can access the APIs we make available through this portal, you need to set up an account.

Choose “Sign Up” from the homepage, and enter the email address you want to use as your login. This should be an email address you have access to regularly as you will need it to verify your account, and to keep in contact with you regarding availability of the API and new data being released.

Choose a password, and enter your firstname and surname.

Read the Terms of Use, which include information about the licensing of the data, and how we would like you to attribute the data. If you’re happy to accept the Terms of Use, check the box and click submit!

An email will be sent to the email address you provided with a link you need to click to verify your account. Once you click the link provided, you will be verified and logged in to the system.

You’re nearly ready to get started! But before you do, you need to subscribe to a Product. As users of our Open Api, there is only one Product you can sign up to (we use others internally for non-open data, and for testing), so click on “Products” in the main menu at the top of the screen, and then click on the “Open” product.

Click “Subscribe” and you’re all set!

You will now have subscription keys which you will need to use when writing your code. The best way to see how is to try out the API operations from the API page.