Welcome to the new TfGM Developer Portal

Welcome to the new TfGM developer portal. The new portal has a number of benefits to us and to you, in enabling you to access our API.

At the moment, the old portal which you may have been using to access our Metroshuttle bus, Journey Times, and Car Parks API is still operational, but eventually it will be switched off, and the data will be accessed only via the new API.

The new API available on this new portal includes data that we hold on the roads in Greater Manchester, including some data provided by Highways England about the motorways in the region.

We will be following this with data about other transport methods in Greater Manchester including bus, rail, Metrolink, cycle and walking, and although there will be limited data to begin with, we hope to continue adding more data as we work with the various tranport operators in the region to be able to do so.

You will need to register an account on this new portal in order to access our new APIs, which you can do from the homepage. Once you've got an account, please have a look at what the portal and our new API can do.

If you find any issues when using the portal, or you'd just like to give us some feedback, please send us an email at opendata@tfgm.com. We'd love to hear what you think.